Once More With Feeling from People Magazine, February 26, 1996. The story of concert pianist Leon Fleischer’s recovery from dystonia.

Rolfing: The Anti-Gravity Device by Mike Papciak.
Article that first appeared in the September 1998 edition of CLIMBING Magazine.

Can Rolfing Help Your Running? by Brian W. Fahey, Ph.D.
Originally printed in Footnotes a publication of the Roadrunners Club of America vol. 12 #6 Summer 1985

Deep Impact by Linda Knittel
An article about Rolfing and yoga from The Yoga Journal

Ida Rolf and the Two Paradigms by Sam Johnson
An article about Ida Rolf’s early years as a chemist at the Rockefeller Institute, and her transition from science to structural integration.

Rolf Institute Press/News Page
A lengthly list of articles, publications and journals with info about Rolfing.


The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (
Extensive information about Rolfing and the Rolfing training.
Includes a directory of Rolfers.

Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation
Foundation devoted to sponsoring and promoting research into structural integration and the role fascia and connective play in health.